NoNameCertificate NumberCompany
1Abigail Marie Favis40 18 1029Ateneo de Manila University
2Marion Lara Tan40 18 1030Ateneo de Manila University
3Daniele Mae Coronacion40 18 1040University of Asia & Pacific
4Rufo Mendoza40 18 1076Asian Institute of Management
5Jana Estacio40 18 1103Universal Robina Corporation
6Abigail Garcia40 18 1104UnionBank of the Philippines

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Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) is an organization for Sustainability Practitioners. Established to educate professionals preserving natural and social capital resources by using principle professional guidelines.

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NCSR was established in 2005 by government bodies, corporations and individuals in early recognition of the need to develop competency in sustainability within Indonesia. In 2007, the Government of Indonesia included a requirement for conducting some sustainability actions and reporting on those actions for some private and public corporations. Since its inception, NCSR has remained updated on global sustainability issues, becoming a GRI Certified Training Partner and GRI Data Partner. NCSR has run the Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Awards since 2005.

The GRI Standards are the first global standards for sustainability reporting. They feature a modular, interrelated structure, and represent the global best practice for reporting on economic, environmental and social impacts. GRI is the internationally recognized leader in sustainability reporting frameworks, with over 20 years and hundred of people involved in formulating a flexible, powerful and recognizable format for all organizations to structure their communications to stakeholders.

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